Asamoah Gyan warns media.

03 Nov 2018
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Lawyer for the Black Stars captain has expressed concerns with regards to the way and manner with which the public and the Ghanaian media in particular have been reporting issues with regards to his marriage.

In a statement sighted by on 3rd November, 2018, signed by the Lawyer for Asamoah Gyan,  Mr Kissi Agyarben expresses concern in what he terms as " vendetta" against his client by " some section of the media and faceless outlets". 

In some few days now the Ghanaian attacker has been at the center of discussion in the Ghanaian media due to a motion filed on Asamoah's behalf seeking to devorce his wife at the Accra High Court. This has generated a lot of public debate and backlash.

The statement reads in part " Our client has no interest in discussing his marriage in public but the only correction he wishes to make on the foregoing is that the process that is ongoing at an Accra High Court is not a petition for divorce but an annulment process"

He further issued a warning to a section of the media that "have begun some sort of vendetta" against Asamoah Gyan, "for all those sections of the media and faceless outlets that have begun some sort of vendetta against our clientand his ilk, please consider this letterasone, before action. If you feel inclined to test our clients resolve, then prepare yourself to do as much in the court of law"

He showed gratitude the section of the public that have been defending him, " to those with good intentions and loyal fans of our client, to persons who on their own begun an effort to redeem our clients name, our client expresses his sincere gratitude but will plead nonetrheless for them to stop any publications of what is, or not about our clients marriage"

The statement reads.

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